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Home Hail Damage - How to Get It Repaired

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have some funky popcorn ceilings left over from the 60s or 70s, you know that their design is way out of style. They make your home look old and tired, so getting rid of them is a good idea.  You can remove these ceilings on your own, but if yours contains asbestos, you should consider hiring a contractor to do the work. Asbestos is at its most dangerous when being removed because the dust is a known carcinogen.  History Popcorn ceilings have been around for decades, and, unfortunately, many contain asbestos. The EPA did not ban the use of this substance in ceiling substances until 1977. Although asbestos in your ceilings is not harmful as long as it is not deteriorating, many people hate the look of the popcorn ceiling and also want to remove any possible health hazard. Before tackling this project, you should consider having your ceiling tested for asbestos. You need to take precautions before obtaining a sample. First, put on a HEPA mask and protective gloves. Then you will need to wet a small area of your ceiling using a bit of soap and water in a spray bottle. Then you can cut a bit of the popcorn material off. You should seal the sample in a container and send it to a lab. If it tests positive, you need to have professionals remove the ceiling for you.  Removal When removing asbestos, you have to follow federal law. In fact, you cannot legally hire someone to help you remove the ceiling unless they are certified in asbestos removal. You can legally do it yourself, but the job requires a great deal of time and also offers you removal challenges. You have to properly bag all the asbestos-containing materials before you remove it from your property. The asbestos material has to be taken to a government approved site and can only be transported in a covered vehicle. You can face serious fines if you do not follow the correct procedure. As a result, most homeowners are much better off when they hire an asbestos removal specialist to do this job. Popcorn ceilings can discourage people from buying your home, and they certainly don’t add anything to your modern design plans. Removing them is not that difficult, but if yours contains asbestos, special precautions must be taken. Find a reputable local contractor and get an estimate for your ceiling removal. When it comes to asbestos, you should let the experts (like those at Delfa Contracting LLC ) handle it....

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3 Choices Of Flooring To Give Your Basement A Custom Look Without Water Woes

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are repairing your flooded basement, dealing with water and moisture can be a constant battle that you are going to face. This is why many damage restoration professionals may recommend using water resistant materials that will hold up in the moist basement environment. The use of some materials may seem like it will limit your choices for custom features like wood flooring or carpet. Here are some choices that will help give you the custom floors you want in your basement without worrying about moisture and water problems: 1. Give Your Basement A Custom Look Using Laminate Flooring Laminate flooring can be a great choice if you are looking for a waterproof solution for your remodeling project. This flooring usually comes in rolls, which can have designs or be solid colors. Another thing that can be done with laminate flooring is custom installations that include inlayed decoration and custom patterns. This can be a great solution for many living spaces and high traffic areas, such a game room or home theater area. This is an affordable flooring solution that is durable and easy to clean, which makes it an ideal choice for the basement. 2. New Vinyl Flooring Products For The Look Of Wood Floors Without Water Worries If you want to have custom floors that match other areas of your home, you may want to have the look of wood floors. In a basement, there are few woods that will last and not be affected by the humidity and moisture. Some tropical woods may be ok but they can be costly and will eventually succumb to the moist conditions. As an alternative, you may want to consider a vinyl flooring product. Today, there are vinyl floors that are made in a style that resembles hardwood flooring to give you the look of wood you are looking for. 3. Use Concrete Acid Staining To Give Your Basement Floors A Unique Custom Look If your basement has a smooth concrete finish, you may not need to have new floors installed at all. A good way to give your basement floors a durable custom finish is to use acid staining. The acid stain can be used to give your basement a personalized look with patterns and custom designs. Acid staining can even be used to create the look of wood, tile or custom stonework. You can even use the acid stain as a temporary solution until you want to invest in a durable flooring for your basement. These are some choices that you may want to consider for flooring in your basement that is durable and water resistant. If you are ready for new custom floors in your basement, contact a water damage repair contractor and talk with them about a custom design. For water damage restoration, contact a company such as Accutech...

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Keeping Yourself Safe And Minimizing Damage From Black Mold

Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you suspect that you might have black mold somewhere in your house, it needs to be taken care of differently than other types of mold. Some species of black mold are toxic, which means that they can be very harmful to your health. Extra care must be taken when trying to remove it from your home, and you need to be cautious to prevent yourself from experiencing any adverse health effects or letting any mold spores spread. What Should You Do First? You should first try to identify the mold to make sure you’re actually dealing with a species of black mold. Black molds are not completely black; they have dark purple and/or green hues, and it will appear more slimy than fuzzy because of its moisture requirements. With black mold in the house, your first priority is to contain it. This prevents the mold from growing any more or spreading spores. Locate the black mold. Black mold requires a lot of moisture, so it will be in places that are constantly wet and dark. Let the area dry and bring in dehumidifiers to help. Don’t use fans; the wind will cause spores to fly. Seal the room with plastic sheets and tape. This will help isolate the mold to just the room it’s in, and will help the room dry out faster. While mold won’t go away on its own if you dry out the area, it will prevent it from growing anywhere else. Once you have it contained, then you can move on to cleaning and black mold removal. How Do You Protect Yourself? If there’s even a small chance that the mold you’re dealing with is toxic, you should take care to protect yourself. For this part you will need gloves, a long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, shoes and a face mask. Wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind having to toss in the garbage if necessary. Your primary goal is to avoid inhaling any spores. How Do You Remove The Mold? The first thing you need to do is remove the source of the mold, which is the main growths. You may have spores elsewhere in the room, but if you get rid of the main growths first, you can focus on the smaller details later. Start by gently spraying the mold growths with water. This might seem counter productive, but by weighing down the mold with water, you lessen the likelihood  that spores will drift away once you start removing the growth. Next, using a sponge, water and either bleach, vinegar or ammonia — choose one, don’t combine them — gently scrub the mold growth off the surface. As you go, place the mold you have removed into a plastic bag that you can seal completely when you are done.Make sure to scrub the area completely clean, then dispose of the sponge. What Comes Next? After the main source of mold is removed, you need to clean everything else. Everything from the furniture and walls to the floor and clothing in the room with the mold growth must be thoroughly washed. Walls, tiles and flat surfaces can easily be washed, but you will need to be more careful with porous surfaces like cloth furniture and carpets. For these, use a carpet shampooer to...

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The Importance Of Professional Mold Removal

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you have noticed that you have mold growing in your home, you need to take immediate action. Even if you are someone that likes to do a lot of home projects on your own, this is something that should be left to the professional mold removal companies. To help you understand just why that is, you will need to review the following points. They Won’t Spread It Sure, you would never have the intention of spreading mold spores throughout your home. However, that is something that can easily happen when you are not experienced with mold removal. If you do not make sure that you have killed or at least damped all of the mold, the dry mold spores will fly into the air as you are removing materials. When those mold spores land in a suitable location, they will begin to grow new patches of mold. This is why some people have found that no matter what they do, they cannot seem to get rid of the mold in their home. The professional mold removal experts will know how to prevent that from happening. Not only will they kill and dampen the mold, but they can seal off unaffected areas of the home so that there is even a smaller chance of anything spreading. They Will Properly Dispose Of Affected Materials Materials such as drywall cannot simply be cleaned. The affected areas need to be removed and done so in a proper manner. No matter what type of things are coming out of your home, you cannot simply throw them in a burn pile to get rid of them. Doing so would only replace mold spores into the air. Those spores could not only come back into your home through the ventilation system, but into your neighbors homes or nearby vehicles that might have their windows opened. Your mold removal specialists will securely contain the moldy materials and take them to a contamination center so that they can be dealt with in a proper manner. With the previously mentioned points in mind, it should be easy to understand just why you will always want to make sure that you are bringing in the professionals for any mold problems. Just be sure to hire a licensed mold removal company and that you are calling them in right away. The longer you wait the further the mold will spread, which might mean that you will have to spend more to have it removed. Talk to experts like ServiceMaster by Restoration Xperts for more...

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Taking Care Of Your Belongings Following A Fire

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Following a fire, a fire damage restoration team will usually help take appropriate steps to repair, renovate and restore the physical structure and interior of your home. But there’s still the question of what will happen to your belongings. Even a minor fire can cause serious damage to your possessions, and you need to be very careful when taking care of them. Try to Reclaim Any Damaged Documents Do you have important documents within your home? If they haven’t been damaged by fire, they’ve likely been damaged by water. And it’s possible they’ve been damaged by both. At this point, you will want to try to dry them out as soon as possible. There are a few methods that you can use. If the documents are otherwise fine, you can always air dry them. But if the documents have running ink or other problems, you might actually want to turn them over to the fire damage restoration team for either freeze drying or dehumidifying.  Collect Clothing, Drapery and Other Materials After you’ve collected any items of particular importance, such as documents, your first priority should be collecting clothing, drapery and other materials. These materials will wick up the smoke smell, and it can be very difficult to get the scent of smoke out of fabric. Bag everything up and remove it from your home. You may want to send it to a commercial cleaning service — or hang it outside in the open air.  Avoid Touching Any Electronic Devices Electronic devices can be very dangerous after a fire. After being exposed to heat, the devices could be leaking dangerous chemicals. And after being exposed to water, they could be an electrical risk. It doesn’t matter what type of electronic device it is — from computer monitors to DVRs, you should avoid touching them. Leave electronics to your fire restoration team. Record a List of Lost Items Once you’ve done your best to recover your items, you should go from room to room and take an inventory of the items that have been damaged. Take pictures of the items if you can and take notes if the items cannot be identified visually by someone looking at the photo. You should also take down any serial numbers or identifying information. If your belongings cannot be restored, you can always turn to your homeowner’s insurance. An item does not need to be irretrievably damaged to still be covered through your insurance policy. Contact your claims adjuster to find out more and to find out how much coverage you...

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