A Water Damage Restoration Professional Can Help Save Your Carpet From Mold After A Pipe Leak

7 March 2023
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A plumbing leak can take you by surprise in different ways. You may not know you have one until you get a shockingly high water bill. You might come across a dampened carpet in your bedroom where there's no water source. 

A leak that's behind a wall in the kitchen can release water that rolls behind the wall or under the floor to another room where it soaks your carpet and makes you wonder what's going on. The exact details of your water leak don't matter too much. What's important is that you get the leak stopped right away and start drying out your house. Here's what you may need to do.

Call A Water Damage Restoration Company 

The first step is to turn off your water main so the leak stops spilling water. Then you can call a water damage restoration company for quick help. A restoration company usually takes calls 24 hours a day since it's important to act fast to dry your house. They can let you know what to do about the leak and they can make plans to start drying your house.

Extract The Water

A pipe leak that soaked your bedroom carpet may not have totally flooded the room. If there is standing water, the restoration crew may need to pump it out or use a wet vac to get rid of it. Otherwise, they may use water extraction machines to pull water out of the carpet, from behind walls, or up through the flooring.

Pull Up The Carpet

The water damage restoration contractor will decide what to do about your carpet. It's important that the carpet pad and floor under the carpet are dried out completely or they could grow mold. You don't want to sleep in the same room with a moldy carpet, so the contractor may recommend pulling it up so it can be dried out. If the carpet is old, you may want to get rid of it, but if it's fairly new, the contractor may dry it out. The pad under the carpet will probably be thrown away.

Deal With Wet Furniture

If you have upholstered furniture in your bedroom, it needs to be dried quickly or it may grow mold too. All the furniture needs to be removed from the room so the floor is exposed for quick drying. The only furniture you have in the room may be a wood bed and dressers. The contractor will remove these and make sure the wood is dried properly so it won't warp or crack.

Use Machines To Dry The Floor

The contractor can set drying machines on the floor in your bedroom and other rooms the water leak flowed through. Floor dryers and dehumidifiers may need to run for a day or two to completely dry the floor. Once the floor is dry, the carpet can be put back down and the furniture returned to the room.

Contact water damage restoration services to find out more.