Popcorn Ceiling Removal

13 September 2016
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If you have some funky popcorn ceilings left over from the 60s or 70s, you know that their design is way out of style. They make your home look old and tired, so getting rid of them is a good idea.  You can remove these ceilings on your own, but if yours contains asbestos, you should consider hiring a contractor to do the work. Asbestos is at its most dangerous when being removed because the dust is a known carcinogen. 


Popcorn ceilings have been around for decades, and, unfortunately, many contain asbestos. The EPA did not ban the use of this substance in ceiling substances until 1977. Although asbestos in your ceilings is not harmful as long as it is not deteriorating, many people hate the look of the popcorn ceiling and also want to remove any possible health hazard. Before tackling this project, you should consider having your ceiling tested for asbestos. You need to take precautions before obtaining a sample. First, put on a HEPA mask and protective gloves. Then you will need to wet a small area of your ceiling using a bit of soap and water in a spray bottle. Then you can cut a bit of the popcorn material off. You should seal the sample in a container and send it to a lab. If it tests positive, you need to have professionals remove the ceiling for you. 


When removing asbestos, you have to follow federal law. In fact, you cannot legally hire someone to help you remove the ceiling unless they are certified in asbestos removal. You can legally do it yourself, but the job requires a great deal of time and also offers you removal challenges. You have to properly bag all the asbestos-containing materials before you remove it from your property. The asbestos material has to be taken to a government approved site and can only be transported in a covered vehicle. You can face serious fines if you do not follow the correct procedure. As a result, most homeowners are much better off when they hire an asbestos removal specialist to do this job.

Popcorn ceilings can discourage people from buying your home, and they certainly don't add anything to your modern design plans. Removing them is not that difficult, but if yours contains asbestos, special precautions must be taken. Find a reputable local contractor and get an estimate for your ceiling removal. When it comes to asbestos, you should let the experts (like those at Delfa Contracting LLC ) handle it.