3 Reasons Fire Damage Repairs Are Especially Challenging for Your Basement

11 February 2020
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Basements often house some of the more hazardous fixtures in the home. The heating system, the electrical panel, and even the clothes dryer can be posted downstairs in the basement, all of which can create the risks of fire. If your basement has sustained fire damage, it is easy to neglect the damage in this often-unseen part of the house. However, cleanup and restoration are important, so it's important to hire fire repair contractors to handle the work. The thing is, fire damage repair in the basement can be a challenge; sometimes an even bigger challenge than in the rest of a home. Here is a look at why that is the case. 

1. There's a Lack of Entry or Exit Points

If a fire has taken place in the regular rooms of the house upstairs, the area likely has multiple access or exit points like doors and windows. Basements rarely have windows and most will only have one primary means of access or exit. This poses problems during restoration because it means it takes more time to remove damaged articles, bring in new materials, and even ventilate the space properly to eradicate smoke odors. Contractors use special equipment to ventilate the space with the exit or access points that exist. 

2. Overhead Damage Is Common 

Think about what happens when a fire is burning: the flames, the heat, and the smake radiate upward. A fire in the basement often means that there is a lot of damage to the ceiling in the space. The unfortunate problem in this part of the home is the ceiling of the basement is in such close proximity to the main floor of the upper house. Any damage here has to be carefully assessed and repaired to ensure the structural soundness of the floors overhead. 

3. Concrete Is Hard to Restore 

From the exterior, it can look like fire damage to a concrete wall is just a surface-level thing. However, if you have a way to look a little closer, you can see that fire damage to concrete goes far deeper than what it appears. Fire around concrete can break down any moisture content and cause it to be more porous, which can make your basement more prone to leaks even if you do clean the outer surface. It is not uncommon for fire damage repair contractors to have to go through basement waterproofing techniques just to protect the concrete walls from deteriorating.