A Guide for Dealing with Plumbing Problems That Flood Your Home

22 May 2020
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The plumbing problems in your home are often small leaks, but they can also lead to serious water damage. Sometimes, the serious problems with water damage in your home are caused by pipes that fail and cause flooding in areas. It can be frustrating to have to deal with these messes, get things cleaned up, and begin the process of restoration. The following water damage restoration guide will help you with dealing with plumbing problems that flood your home and cause serious damage:

1. Find the Cause of the Damage and Be Aware of Hazards

The first thing that you need to do is find the source of the problem, which could be a water line or drain lines of your household plumbing system. If the problem is due to sewer backflow, be cautious of the contamination hazards. Anywhere there is standing water, you are going to want to make sure that the electricity is turned off in the affect areas of your home.

2. Repair the Plumbing Problem and Stop the Water 

Before you can start pumping and bailing the water out of your home, you should repair the problem that has caused the damage. Make sure that any damaged pipes and leaks have been repaired before you move to clean up the water and removing the materials. You may need to shut off water lines while these repairs are being done to complete the water damage repairs that need to be done in your home.

3. Pump Standing Water Out of Your Home and Remove Damaged Materials

The standing water in your home can be a serious problem that causes damage to get worse the longer it sits there. As soon as possible, you want to begin pumping any standing water out of your home. Use pumps, hoses, and brooms to get most of the water out. Once the standing water is gone, you can remove damaged materials like carpet, drywall, and furniture.

4. Dry the Affected Area and Make the Repairs

Once the standing water has been removed and the plumbing is fixed, you will want to dry the affected area. You can use heaters and rent industrial fans to help remove the moisture from the affected area. When the area is completely dry, you will be ready to replace the materials that were removed and complete the water damage repairs that need to be done.

These are some things that will help you deal with plumbing problems that cause flooding and serious water damage to your home. If you need help cleaning up the mess and repairing your home, contact a water damage restoration service for help with these repairs.